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This begins to create a membership of users and a start for you in electronic digital currency

when the 10 stellar are received by the goldring it is credited to MONEYMATRIX and you will receive your account and card when your account is opened for you.

Begin a new dream
of the world where all are
brought into alignment
with their true purpose.
GoldRing Media Group 's
purpose is to uplift humanity
with transformational
spiritual media communications


Thank you
for being part of
this creation of
the new media.

Sending money anywhere almost involves an expensive wire transfer and brick and mortar locations.

The open-source decentralized system facilitates sending and receiving money in multiple currencies.













9/30 GoldRing Club Bitcoin Membership

I entered this as a practical course. Using Bitcoin, Stellar, Ripple, Justcoin, to name a few alternate currencies and exchanges.

No one can keep up Individually, yet we have opportunities and responsibilities to change.

Changes of directions come from long planning, from reaction, by resignation, by will, choice, spontaneous or sometimes completely out of the blue.

The tensions of society are reaching a point of renaissance, rebirth and restoration. Seeing this along with the chaos, change and personal life transitions demands attention.

Join the Goldring and receive daily updates on everything... How do you join ... well this way with finally taking the time to learn about Bitcoin and how these new currencies are very important and its time and you know it.

There are other things we can do but knowing how to do this is about money and its important it is about life, root chakra, how you exist on the earth plane and support yourself. It is about living life to the fullest in abundance.

To have abundance we create and first is unity and being a member of the goldring allows you connection to all of our resources. At this point we are just beginning to see how to manifest geometrically the influence of having members who are not only smart, happy, successful and intelligent people, but to have them in an unseen workforce of media interconnectibility.

When the resources are built up through shared and contributed value and transported electronically and quickly without cost and this value can be utilized to manifest, produce or create more value then it is a contributor and with continuity there is geometric growth of the wealth and of opportunity for continued prosperity.

Thanks Rysa


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